PM6530A PM6530B PM6530D LCD Display Handheld Infrared Thermometer Temperature Meter

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Pool swiming. Uni-t accessories. 23 x 2 x 2cm. 200u/2000u/20m/200m/2/10a. Vej46. Frozen cold. Freezer thermometer. Alarm sensor. 1 x mechanical hygrometer. Adapter universalBlack/yellow. Led magnifier with light. Auto range / manual range. Resolution air rh%: 176 x 91 x 49mm. Storage temperature and humidity: 


Wholesale ultrasonic cleaner jeken. Kitchen thermometers. Multimeter test battery. Car inside outside thermometer0.56 4 digit. Microscope wifi. Mlc500. 0~10kg~1m. Temperature controller for ac. 200pf to 20000uf. 0-80 ℃. Enclosure box. 10nf~1000uf. 72*72mm. 

Lamp Desk &dimmer

Power supply voltage: 010571. 9v battery(not included). Thermometer hygrometer. Weather station. Tester pocket. To 58. 200 ohm-2000m ohm. Esp32. wemos. Wholesale clock large wall. Insulation high temperature tape. 

Arduino Motor Controllers

Wordmark. A830l. Electric tester. W4281a60021. Connection type: Power distributor. Amplifier tubes. Wholesale microscope optical. Step dc. Wholesale sound level meters: Protection function: True rms measurement: Wholesale calibrate thermocouple. Aluminium alloy. Dutoofree. Microscope illumination light. Digital microscope. Bofors 40mm. Terminal amplifier copper. 

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